Saturday, August 8, 2009


A big hello to future readers of this blog. I used to use blogspot years ago, then I migrated to another online journal site, and now I am back. Back then, my entries were personal experiences and other whimsical ideas that I had in my mind. But this new blog is different, this is totally dedicated to fashion and to the people who wears them proud.

I was inspired of creating this blog from The Satorialist by Scott Schuman. I love his take on street fashion and how everyday people can express different kinds of style. I was also inspired of idea of how my love of photography, fashion, and blogging can mesh well and create a form of art.

Siam Stylista’s concept is to create a venue to express fashion through photography through blogging. I know this is not a new concept but this is a time tested way of reaching other netizens who has the same zest for fashion blogs.

Thai fashion has it’s own unique taste, very similar to their food. And Thai people have a deep sense of style. Individualism and uniformity is often seen on the streets, and this best describes Thai fashion.

Not everything will be written and shown is entirely about Fashion but will also spolight other things that surrounds the life of your typical stylistas... nightlife, restos, beauty care, holidays and more.

I would be going out in the streets of Bangkok to document these stylistas as they go to and fro in their daily lives. And if I approach you in the streets and asks you to be photographed, don’t get weirded out, ok? I hope that this blog will open to the world and view Siam Stylista, as the window to Thai fashion.

It is official, Siam Stylista is now officially ONLINE and I will be hitting the streets today.