Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mini Polka Dots and Pink Shoes

Mini Polka Dots and Pink Shoes

She really look tall in those pink shoes. Her white with mini polka dot print dress is kinda cute too. With her tanned skin, makes her an exotic beauty.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Necklace


If you look at her necklace, it's actually made out of some kind of cloth and some gold balls. A lot of ladies here are into costume jewelry, and some looked real and expensive.

Friday, August 20, 2010



Yellow is a difficult color to wear. Either it would make you darker or older, but it depends on how you wear it. Paired a cool skirt like that, her yellow top really stood out.

Nice Hat Lady

Nice Hat Lady

Nice looking hat, don't you think? What she has on is a comfy look and that doesn't disregard style. I think that's a tough balancing act, and if mastered... you can rock any functional and beautiful clothes all at once.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boys in Shorts

Boy in Shorts
I couldn't make out of what his style is, but he said it's his London Street look. Definitely different from what other Thai boys are wearing around Siam, and that deserves this update.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lawyer Chic

Lawyer Chic

Would you believe she is a licensed lawyer? Yes, you read it right. She can go to court and argue about the law. She is like Miranda of Sex in the City, an example of Lawyer Chic. I would definitely ask her to defend me if ever I get into legal trouble, I am sure she is able sway the judges and jurors with her convincing fashion sense and her LV bag.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pattern and Pants

Pattern and Pants

This printed pants is soo insteresting that it stood out from the crowd in Siam Paragon. It was definitely inspired from the Thai silk prints. I took a closer look, and it was well tailored. Maybe with a jacket on, this look would be more fantastic.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Couples @ Siam Square

Couples in Siam Square 1

Couples in Siam Square 2

Siam Square, where Thai street stylistas congregate on weekends, is also home to Thai teenagers. You get them in different styles, shapes, gender... and you won't miss out on your alternative couples as well. It's not strange to see sweethearts sporting couple shirts, it's kinda sweet.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whimsy Blue

Whimsy Blue

This film student wore this whimsical number that got my attention. It would be a cardinal sin to wear colors that would not mixed well with each other, but with her, it all worked. Young and fun, feels like a fashion princess.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Mix-and-Match 2

Mix-and-Match 1

Her red coral necklace really stood out, I had to chase her so I can take this shot. I asked her about her style, she said she is just a mix-and-match type of girl. What she had on that day, worked well around her necklace... good job.

Color Matching

Color Matching

I have seen this gentleman before, I think one of the malls in the city. He definitely has a clean sense of style. I love that his Zara shoes matches his cuffed pants, vice versa. Are you a color matching type of person? I know I am.

Vintage Bag

Vintage Bag

This engineering student hand painted her own shirt... I wish I could do that. She said that her bag is from mom, during her heydays. Vintage clothes are still popular with Thai teens.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cow and Crocs

Crocs and Cow

Men in short shorts are sexy. I like his small black bag. He said its made out of cow leather in crocodile pattern, sounds strange... but looks fantastic.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It was sheer luck that I was able to meet the designer of WONDER ANATOMIE @Siam Square. He was very nice to bring me to his boutique. Designer Chalermkiat Khatikasemlert's brand of fashion, is quite streetsy and with an attitude. For this season, his line is centered on botanical insects and to give it his own twists, the color palette of his clothes are mostly in dark shades.

WONDER ANATOMIE carries both women's and men's line. I see the his clothes being worn by confident Thais who are not afraid to go out the streets with their own fashion statement.

They also carry beautiful accessory pieces that are unique and one-in-a-kind. His leather bags, jackets, and hats are major compliment for his clothes.

There are a lot of young and talented Thai designers all over Bangkok. Each designer's brand have their own unique style, which anybody can appreciate. WONDER ANATOMIE is a unique brand that men and women alike can enjoy wearing.

One of these days, I promise to myself, to buy one of his pieces.

You have to see his clothes for yourself. Visit WONDER ANATOMIE at:

325/1 3rd Floor, Siam Center
Tel/Fax: 02-6581494

Monday, August 9, 2010

Trucker Caps

Trucker caps aren't popular here in BKK. Wearing any form of cap is not a part of the fashion landscape here, except for the stylish fedora. But this young man had his cap on, a nice plaid shirt, cuffed jeans, Hermes bangles, geeky glasses, and his cool shoes. The tats on his ankle, made the final touch. Click photo to see details.

Queen of Rock Chick

A student from Rangsit University was strolling around in the Gateway@Siam Square. I asked her to pose for me. She told me that her personal style is just to mix and match. She was wearing this netted shirt and a shirt that said "Queen of Rock Chick". You have to love her shoes. Click the photo see the details.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

PR: Challenge Winner

Project Runway Season 8, episode 1 Challenge Winner.

BBM Group

You can find me there, waiting for you.

Style Focus: Designer Chalermkiat Khatikasemlert

Cutie Thai designer Chalermkiat Khatikasemlert of Wonder Anatomie@Siam Center reluctantly posed for me. He said that he was wearing one of his friend's design but his necklace is his own. Looks cool, right?

You can find his designs at the 3rd floor of Siam Center. More of his fashion soon!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DOKODEMO Wall Display

If you walk around Siam Square, you see a lot of shops that sells clothes, accessories, shoes and bags; and some of the young designers, mostly unknown or undiscovered, sell their designs there. One Shop/wall display that I found interesting is DOKODEMO. They carry Japanese inspired men's RTW, shoes, and accessories.

I find their clothes fascinating. The pieces looks casual and comfortable for a weekend stroll around the city, a style which I am slowly adopting.

The designer / shopkeeper even posed and mustered his best Japanese impression. DOKODEMO, can be found in a building between soi 2 and 3.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cuffed Jeans and Pants

Cuffed jeans and pants are everywhere. Whoever brought this style back is a genius. The Sartorialist blog featured this as his new obsession last year, and I started doing this with my pants, people were staring daggers at me. But now, its like a disease that you can't get rid off.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Japanese Factor

Has Japanese street style sensibilities influence Thai street fashion? I would say it is slowly creeping in. Though I would not say entirely, since we all know that Japanese style is uniquely their own. But I wouldn't blame anybody for trying to look and be that part.  

Source: ThaiCatWalk

Source: the Satorialist.  The lovely Japanese lady on the photo is Rei Shito.  She is a steet fashion photographer.  Visit her blog, Style from Tokyo.

Designers like Yoji Yamamoto, Kenzo, Issey Miyaki, Commes Des Garcon, and etc. are a major influence in the bigger world of international fashion. The kind of aesthetics they introduce and reintroduce to different fashion cultures around the world is a phenomenon itself.  

Issey Miyaki Spring 2011, Source:

Kenzo Spring 2010 RTW, Source:

Commes Des Garçons Spring 2011, Source:

So how big of an influence is Nippon Fashion?  Well, you should see how many young people wearing CDG Play shirts around BKK. Whether it is the real deal or a cheap imitation, it can’t be denied, it is fashion. Hey, I even want one myself.

To prove a point, I recently purchased this Japanese eyeglasses (prescribed) at Siam Square, which are worn by a lot of young Thais who like the Japanese style.

Geek chic, chai mai?

Project Runway Premiers!

Thai Fashion lovers, are you watching this show?  If you have not heard of Project Runway... you have 7 seasons of catching up to do. Seriously.  Project Runway is a US reality TV show of 16 designers competing to get a spot to show their line in NY's Fashion Week and ultimately winning the top prize as America's newest designer. 

Season 8 premiered it's first episode last Thursday (July 29, 2010).  Sneak a peek on the first episode.

I started following this show since season 3 and I have been hooked ever since.  Young and old up-coming designers having the chance to showcase their talents and design in national TV, is such a big opportunity.  Thailand should have this kind of reality show, or it already had, I just didn't know it.  

Watch Project Runway and the designers at the show's official site.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Special Thanks

Special thanks to this gorgeous girl from Perfect Combination@Siam Square for taking the time to fix my bag.  She also has this unique fashion style... a sexy top, that denim hot pants, and that huge bow on her hair.  She made it all work. 

Killer Shoes

Look at those shoes!  It does well with her look, with the black drapery top and brown shorts.  The hair styles reeks fashion.  I loved it.  I asked her if she worked in Siam Center and yes she does, maybe one in those fashion shops on the 3rd or 4th floor.  It does take a lot of hard work to look that fabulous everyday, especially for work.  

Floral Print Dresses

Are floral prints back again?  I've seen them a lot recently.  These two lovely ladies showed their short floral print dresses.  I like the gray bag.  She said she bought it in Paragon.

Blue Sneakers

This girl looks soo hip, with her hair, the white dress shirt, the denim short pants, and her baby blue sneakers that matches with her BB holder and her smile.  

Cute Couple

This couple was in a hurry when I asked them to stop and pose.  They gladly obliged.  The girlfriend was wearing nice shirt dress with brown belt (covered by her LV bag).  The boyfriend had a cool Napoleonic vest and with sleeveless shirt.  He actually looked from HK.  If he is reading this, where can I get those hot vest?

Cool dude

What makes his look work?  His leather topsider shoes, the cropped black jeans, and the eye glasses made him look cool.  I want his shoes though. lols

Long Skirts

Ankle length skirts are back.  I saw a lot ladies wearing them around.  She rocks the black and white top and skirt, and her red bag to give some color.  Her sandals were fantastic too.  

The background says... "In The Style".  How can you argue with that?