Monday, August 2, 2010

The Japanese Factor

Has Japanese street style sensibilities influence Thai street fashion? I would say it is slowly creeping in. Though I would not say entirely, since we all know that Japanese style is uniquely their own. But I wouldn't blame anybody for trying to look and be that part.  

Source: ThaiCatWalk

Source: the Satorialist.  The lovely Japanese lady on the photo is Rei Shito.  She is a steet fashion photographer.  Visit her blog, Style from Tokyo.

Designers like Yoji Yamamoto, Kenzo, Issey Miyaki, Commes Des Garcon, and etc. are a major influence in the bigger world of international fashion. The kind of aesthetics they introduce and reintroduce to different fashion cultures around the world is a phenomenon itself.  

Issey Miyaki Spring 2011, Source:

Kenzo Spring 2010 RTW, Source:

Commes Des Garçons Spring 2011, Source:

So how big of an influence is Nippon Fashion?  Well, you should see how many young people wearing CDG Play shirts around BKK. Whether it is the real deal or a cheap imitation, it can’t be denied, it is fashion. Hey, I even want one myself.

To prove a point, I recently purchased this Japanese eyeglasses (prescribed) at Siam Square, which are worn by a lot of young Thais who like the Japanese style.

Geek chic, chai mai?

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chiaroscuro said...

i wana get one of those CDG shirts and jap glasses but i cant find one here. i wana go there! haha